Donal Skehan: Embrace comfort cooking with three-cheese baked tomato gnocchi and indulgent white chocolate bread pudding

There’s very little a day of comfort food cooking can’t fix and, as the autumn days roll in, I’m beginning to embrace a whole new season of cooking. I have always coveted a cosy Saturday with zero plans, and a well-stocked kitchen offers up plenty of opportunities to find comfort through dishes that a season of darker days requires.

hile we lived in California, I often found it hard to differentiate the seasons. The guidelines I’d grown up with in Ireland weren’t as clearly defined, and the smack of the first cold, stormy, autumn day was absent, while one sunny day would roll into another. There was no windy, sideways, freezing rain to remind me to giddy-up into the kitchen and start cooking soups and stews like there is here in Ireland. Settled back into our seasons a full year and a half now, I’ve begun to enjoy the push to the kitchen a grey sky provides and the true pleasure that comes with seasonal comfort. With that in mind, this week, I’m sharing three comfort food favourites.

A recipe I picked up filming in Italy, a baked tomato gnocchi can be made from scratch for a satisfying weekend project, or switch gears to using store-bought gnocchi and you’ll still get great results. Baked in a creamy tomato passata with three cheeses, it’s totally indulgent and ideal comfort food.

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