Here is what to purchase at Rough Rider cocktail bar in downtown Phoenix

On a current Thursday night, I stepped into a wooden-paneled elevator for a journey back again in time. Times earlier, I’d stood in the bright lobby of a modern downtown business office building looking for Tough Rider, a bar impressed by the lore of maybe our most adventurous president, Theodore Roosevelt.

After a couple instructions from a pleasant safety guard, I was on my way. The elevator slowed to a halt, and the basement bar was unveiled. Amber lights emanated from wall lanterns and the odor of steak charring on the grill drew me further into a planet where thick, leather-based-certain guides with titles like, “The Heritage of the War with Spain” stuffed shelves about an ornate fire.

Anything about the space appears meant to transport prospects back to an period of carved wood partitions and flickering candles. The cool air adds to the cavelike sense of the subterranean bar, as does the dark gray concrete ceiling. Exposed pipes and the upbeat bass-hefty new music present the only clues that it is in fact a present day space.

At Rough Rider restaurant and cocktail bar in Phoenix, the mood, decor and drinks menu are that of a bygone era.

Historic vibes and fashionable flavors downtown 

Rough Rider opened in the basement of the 10-O-One building on Roosevelt Row in June. The bar and restaurant is encouraged by former President Theodore Roosevelt and the Tough Riders, the first United States volunteer cavalry troopers, who fought in the Spanish-American War. Pics of Roosevelt dangle on the partitions and design and style features like golden bullet casings inserted into the edge of the marble bar double down on the topic.

Carved wood and comfortable seating is in abundance in the lounge at Rough Rider restaurant and cocktail bar in Phoenix.

The bar is part of the Pigtails Cocktail Principles group and joins The Wining Pig wine and beer bar and Pigtails cocktail bar.

Whilst Rough Rider draws on the cocktail skills of the enterprise, it features a more sturdy food items menu than the other concepts. Grits are served with a hearty part of jumbo shrimp and substantial ceramic bowls of jambalaya fly out of the kitchen area at a rapid clip.

On my recent check out, a table close by purchased the hanger steak, which inspired “oohs” and “aahs” as a server established the heavy plate on their black marble table. 

Though the food menu is loaded with engaging solutions, the cocktail sections are where items get actually intriguing.

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