Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff Walkthrough

Ram It Down is a cooking exhibit that usually takes place inside the mind of Compton Boole. The demonstrate is hosted and judged by the hand puppets of Ford Cruller, Hollis Forsythe, Otto Mentallis, and Truman Zanotto. In this guideline, we’ll present you how to finish Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff.

Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff

At the time you’ve finished the “Give Compton the Bees” mission, you’ll unlock the subsequent mission known as “Soothe Compton”. The mission can take area within Compton’s thoughts in which you are going to at first get on the Decide in a struggle.

By using Telekinesis, get the books thrown by the Choose in mid-air and throw them back at him to deal harm.

Defeating the Decide normally takes you to a Prepare dinner-off the place you are going to be having aspect in a cooking show known as Ram It Down.

The Psychonauts 2 Compton’s Cookoff is made up of 3 rounds and underneath we have supplied element as to how you can total them.

  • Prepare a Drowned Egg
  • Get ready a Strawberry Jam Croque Madame
  • Get ready a Honey Pepper Pancake Stacker

Spherical #1 Drowned Egg

You only have 10 mins to complete the very first spherical. Only start out with making use of your Telekinesis to seize an audience member ironically who takes place to be an egg.

Acquire the egg to the boiling station on the higher part of the stage and leave it to boil. As soon as boiled, choose it to the middle of the phase and area it on the plate.

The future stage will deliver tears to your eyes considering the fact that you will be slicing some Onions. Yet again, use Telekinesis to get an Onion from the audience, choose it to the Pork Chopper to reduce the Onion.

The moment sliced, choose it to the center of the phase and location it on the plate just like the boiled egg and activate the crimson button to Expose the Food.

Immediately after the meal has been tasted, you might want to set the forks down and take out your weapons as you are going to be facing a few Censors and a Choose up next.

The moment the enemies are defeated, activate the red button to start the upcoming Spherical.

Round #2 Strawberry Jam Croque Madame

In the second round, you’ll be focusing on three ingredients. The stakes are high as your because of time is in 7 mins.

Boiling the egg will not take time considering the fact that you now know how to do it. Just take the Egg from the audience to the boiling station and go away it to boil then area it on the plate in the center of the stage.

Subsequent up is getting ready the Strawberry. The moment all over again, get an audience member, but this time a Strawberry. Throw it inside of the blender, push the red button and hold out until it is blended then acquire the jam to the plate.

The last ingredient for spherical two is Bread. A loaf can be identified in the viewers savoring the display, consider it to the Pork Chopper to slice it. As soon as sliced, take it to the grilling station simply because absolutely everyone likes their toast excess crispy.

After the toast is cooked adequately, consider it to the stage and activate the substantial purple button to Reveal the Food, and get rewarded with a Fifty percent-A-Thoughts.

After you go on commercials, you will be welcomed by a number of Regrets and a further Judge, get them down to begin the remaining spherical of the cook-off.

Round #3 Honey Pepper Pancake Stacker

The stakes are even better as the timer has slash 2 extra minutes off the clock and included yet another Ingredient, creating the final round the hardest one particular out of the a few with just 5minutes to provide the dish.

Since this is the most difficult spherical of the cook dinner-off, use your levitation capability to get a more rapidly pace for the duration of the round.

For the very last round, you are going to be needing Egg, Bacon, Honey, and Watermelon to put together the closing dish of the exhibit, the Honey Pepper Pancake Stacker.

Boiling eggs is quick for you now as a result, the last spherical requires you to fry them instead. Just take an egg from the audience, cook dinner it in the frying pan, consider it to the phase and spot it on the plate.

Now for the bacon, grab a pig from the audience and slice it. Put it in the frying pan to cook dinner. After cooked, consider it to the phase and area it on the plate.

Next up is the honey, acquire the hive and boil it then location it on the plate at the stage.

The last Ingredient is the Watermelon. This Ingredient usually takes a lot more time than regular due to the fact it has two levels to go by means of. You want to seize the watermelon and slice it then set it within the mixer to blend.

As soon as mix, choose it to the plate on the stage and activate the red button to Expose the Closing Food of the cook dinner-off.

As soon as served, get on all three Judges and a bunch of Censors, defeat them to close Compton’s Cookoff mission, and get rewarded with +1 Senior League Membership Card.

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